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Real Alignment

Our business model has been designed to combat a significant problem when building your startup whether you are technical or not. What real aligned focus means is we only win when you win.


We provide our expertise at cost alongside taking an equity position, meaning you access some of the world’s best startup creators. By taking equity as opposed to margin we invest in you and only make a return if your startup works.

True Pre-Seed to Series A

We believe in action. From our founders and from the teams we wrap around them. Our process demands that our founders show initiative and entrepreneurial prowess to build something significant.


Entry Points

Whether you have an idea on a piece of paper or a well performing PoC in the market, we have the opportunity to collaborate.


Pre Accelerator

Our evergreen accelerator is about action and traction. Designed by Who’s Fabio drawing on their experience of validating startup ideas effectively over many years, this accelerator is about following a straight forward recipe but requires you as a founder to be motivated and do the work to prove out your concept before getting to a pilot stage.



Utilising NoCode tools to build and test your concept effectively in the market. This stage is about getting out there, acquiring, learning, adapting and scaling your user base in the wild. We bring years of PoC and MVP building experience to collaborate with you to navigate this early stage and adapt quickly as we go.


Now it is time to build a scalable tech product. Our MVP+ stage has been the core of MOHARA’s offering for 7 years and has been the backbone of over 30 startups in our portfolio. If you have a product that cannot be tested with NoCode, we start here, if you have a product that is showing traction and needs building for scale, we continue here.



Our Startup Investments

Cleantech and Beyond is a deep-tech university spin-off located at the center of innovation district in Rayong, Thailand, that specializes in developing advanced materials for environmental sensing applications.
VISAI enables more businesses to access high-quality AI. We provide 3 services including AI Solutions, AI Cloud Platform, and AI Training.
AI-Driven Remote Health Monitoring Solution